Felted Wool Cat Doll “woonya Mono”


This cat doll called “woonya” is made of felt.

Hayasaka Nobuya makes this simple, cute cat one by one and he tries to make you feel as if this woonya cat doll was alive.

It would be good to place this woonya cat doll on your desk, entrance, and also TV.

*Since we have got more than 300 woonya cat doll orders now, it will take about 2-3 months to ship.


Product Description

Felted Wool Cat Doll Series (4)


Hayasaka Nobuya is an award winning designer and illustrator who is in to different arts like graphic and packaging design.

Aside from being an illustrator, Hayasaka is also fond of to letting his creative side flow freely, hence, the Felted “Woonya” Cat was created

To check out more about Hayasaka Nobuya, you can read his story here


Created by Hayasaka Nobuya
Size : W50 × D55 × H45 mm
Material : Felt

This woonya cat doll come with a gift box.



* Item ships In 1-2 weeks From Confirmed Placed Order. It might be a slight delay for holiday season order.


Additional Information

Weight 0.3 kg