Felt Cat “Black Woonya” (Production upon Confirmed Order)


This fluffy wool cat is called “woonya”

Hayasaka Nobuya makes this simple, cute cat one by one and he tries to make you feel as if this woonya cat doll was alive.
It would be good to place this woonya cat doll on your desk, entrance, and also TV.

* This woonya cat was modeled after a black cat.

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Product Description

Artist: Hayasaka Nobuya

Material: Wool Felt

Size: Width 50mm × depth 55mm × height 45mm


* This product will be produced upon order confirmed.

* Because this is handmade, there might be some differences in patterns and size.

* Item will be shipped from the artist within 2-3 months.

* There might be some slight differences between the actual item and the image in the website. This maybe due to your computer’s screen settings.

* This Is Japan is not responsible for any deformation, damage and discoloration upon shipment of the item. Please be careful when handling the item.

Additional Information

Weight 0.49 kg
Dimensions 15 x 15 x 15 cm